woensdag 28 mei 2014

Crossing Borders Film Festival - 2nd Edition
Meropion Foundation - Athens
6 - 7 - 8 June 2014
!!! Free entrance !!!

For info and reservations: 210-9571134 - cbf.athens@gmail.com

The festival will keep priority seating

Friday 6 June 

19h - Festival Opening

* Press Conference
* Presentations, speeches

19.45h - Greek short films

selected by Simos Korexenidis- subtitles in English

1. Elvis Is Dead - by Stergios Paschos
2. Driving Lesson - by Vasilis Kalamakis
3. Sword Fights - by Nasos Gatzoulis
4. Family Thrill - by Dimitris Stratakis
5. Washingtonia - by Konstantina Kotzamani
6. Ambariza - Elena Dimitrakopoulou

21.15h Theatrical Performance

A surprise performance!

21.45h - Michalis and Tanya Nikoloudis

One guitar, one voice and a wonderful courtyard

Saturday 7 June 21h 

21.00h - Beyond Assignment 
Ed Talavera and Dia Kontaxis (USA-GR)- 2011 - 35'

Three photographers work on longterm projects in Mexico, South Africa and Israel. That they are women should not matter, at the same time it is extremely important.

Ken Ross and Louis V. Galdieri (US 2011) - 63'
A portrait of Calumet, Michigan, a once thriving mining town still haunted by the tragic events that inspired Woody Guthrie to write the song "1913 Massacre".

23h - Mark Steiner & His Problems (NO/US)

Special guest: Rena Papageorgiou

Swamp-rock / lounge-noir (à la Tindersticks, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen), featuring special guest problems Oddrunn Valestrand (Tundra Mode) on violin & vocal + Celile Stille (Stillephonema) on vocal. Performance includes songs from the new album "Saudade" (Stagger Records) due for release this August.

Sunday 8 June

18h - "CineKid - Surprise movie"
A surprise movie for children of all ages! Greek subtitles, no English!

A light; lovely, positive and at times hilarious comedy of errors, located somewhere between Berlin, Paris and a film set. 
(subtitles in English)

21.15h -The Fool and the Princess
Matte Mourik (NL, 2014) - 50'

Jorge Zorreguieta was a member of the Argentinian Junta. He is also the father of the popular Dutch Queen Maxima. "Shrugging about it is bad for your spine"
(subtitles in English)

22.15h - Ulfie Goes Home
Nia DiNata, Indonesia) 2009, 40'

Ulfie is a transgender from the conservative muslim region of Aceh (Indonesia), who moved to Jakarta. After years away from home, Ulfie visits Aceh again. How will her family and old friends react when they see Ulfie's transformation?
(subtitles in English)

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